In Brightest Day, in Greenest Tights: First Picture of Ryan Reynolds as the Green Lantern Revealed!

I’m a geek. That’s no secret, right? I mean, you guys kinda picked up on that? I figured.

So it stands to reason that one of my biggest turn ons are hot-yet-geeky guys. And Ryan Reynolds tends to top that very list. Not only is the man a huge comic book fan, he’s getting to play TWO popular comic book characters: Marvel’s Deadpool and DC Comics’ Green Lantern I/Hal Jordan.

And now, Entertainment Weekly has given us our first shot of Reynolds in the fully digitized Green Lantern uniform.

Though, as usual, you’ve gotta take the good with the bad: while Reynolds landed this cover, he also unfortunately appears to have hurt his shoulder during filming, reports are that he’s constantly keeping ice on it. Reynolds isn’t new to physical roles (in Blade: Trinity he got slammed around by WWE wrestler Triple H…and trust me, even if it’s fake, that stuff can seriously HURT), but it sounds like he may have dislocated his shoulder…never a good time.

But what about Reynold’s other comic role, the slapstick Merc-with-a-mouth Deadpool, last seen being ABSOLUTELY AND TOTALLY RUINED BY THE MOVIE WOLVERINE: ORIGINS, OH MY GOD, WHAT DID YOU DO TO HIM? Well, there’s going to be a Deadpool spin off, with Reynolds taking the role again…and things are actually looking up. The writing team from Zombieland is apparently penning the flick, and the latest directing rumor involved the name Robert Rodriguez, the man who brought the comic book Sin City to life.

Of course, that movie is in the far future compared to Green Lantern, which is currently looking at a 2011 release date…but who knows what other sort of news and footage we may have after San Diego Comic Con next week! Remember to follow Buzznet’s Panasonicyouth as he covers the con and live tweets it via the Buzznet Twitter!