Bamboozle Roadshow Tour Wrap

Alright dudes, I’m officially back from being on tour–the Bamboozle Roadshow, in case you weren’t paying attention. I’m trying to figure how to sum up those epic, sweaty, insane, rad-tastic 5 weeks and I’m not gonna lie–I’m having trouble.

First of all, let’s address the fact that I got to go on tour with Good Charlotte, All Time Low and Cartel. Um, hello? Three of my favorite bands. That, ladies and gentlemen, is called LIVING THE DREAM.

I’m not a n00b to touring–I’ve gone out on Warped and Taste of Chaos for Buzznet before. But my Jillian Michaels DVD did not adequately prepare me for the set up, take down and general heavy lifting involved in having a booth on this tour. But guess what? I made it through and I’m like, ripped now. Okay, that’s not true–but I’m significantly stronger and more tan. Let’s call it the Extreme Tour Body Makeover Plan.

But enough about my goal weight–you wanna know what happened. Then I’ll be straight with you.

Things that happened:

-I met a tonnn of Buzznet and Twitter kids and they signed the table and took pics and yayayay!-I saw FIREFLIES!! For the first time in my life!!! MAGICAL SHIT, I TELL YOU.-I had a heart-to-heart talk with Alex at Angels & Kings. It was my first time to AK in LA… who wants to go again?

-I played basketball with Austin Bello. I didn’t try to ride his soul skate, because I didn’t want to eat asphalt. -And in saying that, I declare Forever The Sickest Kids the best band to hang out with on that tour. They’re fun.-We made a music video in Chicago. That was probably my favorite date on the tour. We danced our faces off in the rain.-Yes, I lifted my ban on dancing BUT I prefer the term ‘rocking out’… JSYK

-I took a cozy picture with Pierre from Simple Plan, but have no recollection of doing so. I asked him about it the next day, but he was kinda busy hitting on catering volunteers. Such is life.

-I absorbed some fashion tips from Jac Vanek and Nicole Buckley, who were my busmates.-Sillybandz. That’s all.-I experienced the worst rain evaaaar in Pittsburgh, but it was followed by a couple precious acoustic sets, and that made that date ultra-memorable-I asked just about every member of Good Charlotte to play Festival Song on multiple occasions (they played it in Phoenix and WE WERENT THERE) but it isn’t going to happen until the Cardiology Tour. FINE.-But their drummer, Deano was THEE nicest, most positive person on the entire tour. Paul comes in at a close second.-I saw a lot of great ‘DON’T MACE ME BRO’ shirts post-Six Flags incident. One of them was MADE at Six Flags, ha! Damn the man!-I didn’t like St. Louis. Humidity, bugs, six flags… hands down worst day on the tour. No offense, Sydney.-I talked Lost theories with Cartel. Also, I cried during the series finale.-I signed autographs. HOW BIZARRE IS THAT?-I got a weird lecture from Zac Hanson. -Half the tour developed a gambling problem.

-I had a tour boyfriend for the last 6 days of tour. Actually it was five, due to unforeseen circumstances. Oh, fleeting flings.-Stephan Jenkins insisted on wearing a funny hat.-Shwayze just never showed up to the tour-Discovered that Kansas City tap water tastes like armpit.-I watched Good Charlotte almost every single day. LIKE ITS HER BIRTHDAYYY.

-Speaking of which, both Benji and Martin (BLG) nudged me and asked me if I danced on tables when they were talking about that song. WHAT? Do I look like the kind of person who does that? Anyway…

-I saw Zack Merrick working out more than I ever saw him performing. Don’t think I ever saw him with a shirt on, either. Don’t think he packed any.-LMFAO played acoustic in Pittsburgh. LOL.-At the after party in Long Island, Stephan Jenkins asked me to bring “that tiny drunk person” (Cady Groves) over to him–so I did, and then he told her she was only allowed to drink water the rest of the night.

Any questions?