Almost Famous: BEST COAST

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Want to hear the best makeout music of summer? BEST COAST is here.

In case you haven’t heard about their album Crazy For You, voted Best New Music by Pitchfork today, Best Coast are the new sound of summer. Plus their Twitter feed is so addictive that we are officially cracked out on it.

The frontwoman Bethany Cosentino serenades us with fun beachy jams that give us a feeling of freedom. Back when girls smelled like Coconuts and still squeezed lemons in their hair to make it more blonde. When we were at the age where we were too young to work and had to figure out how to spend our days productively, even if it meant cannonballing into our neighbor’s pool or spending an hour going nuts on a giant trampoline til someone got hurt.

Along with multi-instrumentalist Bobb Bruno, this power duo makes up a ray of musical sunshine to be reckoned with. Every song on Best Coast’s debut album sound like it was recorded on the seashore, sand in their toes and waves splashing coyly at their heels.

Cosentino begins the album by singing, “I wish he was my boyfriend,” and that sets the tone of the whole album. Songs such as “Boyfriend” and “Summer Mood” sound like updated versions of 50s classics, but it would be naïve to assume this band is only capable of fun indie pop songs. The band goes past the sandbar and into the deep with songs like “Honey” and “When I’m With You,” exploring darker sounds while still maintaining that irresistible vibe of palm trees and salty sea spray.

Fans of Grizzly Bear and Beach House, it’s not an option: you WILL listen to, and love, Best Coast. They take the best elements of both bands and combine them with their own sweet, sunscreen sound; grab your bathing suit and your headphones and hit the Coast!

Check out the music video below for the wonderful “When I’m With You,”featuring Bethany frolicking on the beach and at In-N-Out Burger with Ronald McDonald:

What’s your favorite Best Coast song?