7 Non-Obvious Tour Essentials

Being out on the road for requires a lot of improv and the ability to just roll with the punches. On this tour I really latched onto a few things that kept me sane, connected and smelling less like a hobo and more like a girl. No, Captain Obvious, I didn’t list deodorant and wet wipes and sunscreen because you SHOULD JUST KNOW THOSE THINGS.

Oscar Blandi Dry Shampoo

There aren’t showers available every day on tour–and even on a day when you DO get more than four minutes to scrub yourself free of a dirt layer, the REST of this country (outside of California) has this awful weather phenomena known as HUMIDITY. It makes feeling fresh a very, very fleeting thing.

Philosophy ‘Inner Grace’

I’m pretty loyal when it comes to what scents I wear but in the name of SPACE I couldn’t bring along my Harajuku Girls ‘Baby’ bobble head. In a bold spraying spree at Sephora in Las Vegas, I fell in love with Philosophy’s Inner Grace. It’s a neutral scent that basically makes everything smell like clean laundry. KEY if you haven’t done yours in 3 weeks.


Let me tell you just HOW much technology I had with me on this tour–I had back ups for back ups and about 8 devices with which I could CAPTURE MEMORIES. But there’s this THING that can happen to you on tour–I call it “tour bubble” because everyone knows everyone else’s business, but you have little awareness of what’s going on beyond those 13 buses. The Motorola Cliq XT gathers together your friends Twitter and FB updates in “happenings”. Scroll through that baby a few times a day and you won’t miss a beat. And OMG APPS. Mildly obsessed with sticky notes and mahjong–helps me stay organized and fall asleep on a swaying bus.


I’m a klutz and my legs don’t tan. In order to look a little more fashionable and a little less like a domestic abuse victim, I wore tights. Mostly fishnets. It’s like, MY LOOK now.

Duct tape

You’d be surprised just HOW many problems duct tape can solve

Urban Outfitters tanks and tees

I’m a sucker for their 2 for $24 deal. They’re so lightweight, they hold their shape through several wears and respond extremely well to Febreze