A Totally PUNK ‘Facebook’ Movie: Where the HELL is the DO NOT WANT button?

We’ve known for awhile that Hollywood is reaching for ideas. From countless adaptations to remakes of old movies, TV shows and even foreign films, it seemed like nobody felt the need to break new ground.

And now? They’ve made a movie about Facebook.

Okay, so, it’s technically about the founding of Facebook, the issues with setting it up, a legal/financial battle and what-not. So it’s not actually two hours of clicking through and hitting “like” anytime you see something vaguely amusing (IE: “Who lives in a pineapple under the see? NOBODY, because BP killed everything.”). And it’s not two hours about frantically clicking on aps because, seriously, you NEED TO FINISH THIS MISSION IN VAMPIRE WARS, OKAY?

Although, apparently there’s going to be a movie based on the Mafia Wars ap. But that’s another story.

But the important thing here is: Facebook is getting a movie. WHAT ABOUT BUZZNET? I mean, the ridic drama around the site redesign ALONE sounds like it woudl be as exciting as the entire plot of the FB film.

The FB movie will star Jesse Eisenberg (Zombieland) and Justin Timberlake (the guy with his dick in a box). Which leads me to this question:

IF A MOVIE WERE MADE ABOUT BUZZNET, WHO WOULD YOU CAST AS MARK, RICH AND BREE? Who would, of course, be the trio of kids just looking to make it in this crazy world. You know, like in Harry Potter, only with less psycho witches. Though, granted, the site’s seen at least one of those in it’s time.