Summer Time

From 10 days I’ll go in cruise! AAAWWW!!! I can’t wait!!!! So finally I will relax myself, I will tan and I will visit a lot of wonderful places *w* I’ll make a lot of pics and when I come back I’ll post them. I promise 😉

This is the cruise ship:

In those last days I wasn’t really good… but I’m trying to get well soon… Yesterday I did the analysis and tomorrow I have the respons, I hope it’s all good. Fngers crossed!

Today I hung out with my mum for a pair of flip-flops… but in the end I came home with this pair of shoes, I think they are so cool, and then I saw them i said: “also Hanna would buy them! ;-)”

Tomorrow I have another full day… Take the respons of the analysis and give them to my doctoress, go to hip hop’s lesson… On 16th I have a show with my group and we are to do a lot of proves for to be the best on stage…

And also in the weekend… on Saturday I go in Austria for buy the new album and the new single of Monrose, a German Girl band that I love! … While on Sunday i have a dinner with my partnerclasses of the secondary school… i don’t know why people thought to this dinner… because with an only one person I have a contact right now, because we have done the high school together and we talk also now and we meet sometimes… with the most part of the other people i haven’t a contact for 8 years circa, and this is so weird to do a dinner… but maybe it’s only my paranoiac…

What’s your plans for summer?