Seeking Dreams……Chapter Fifty-One

“Come on Gabs, we have to get going” Jared calls up to Gabrielle from the living room later that morning.

“Coming!” Gabrielle yells while putting her shoes on.

“We gotta go to the dry cleaners to pick up my stuff from tour first and then we have to make a quick before we get to Shan and Emily’s today” Jared says now handing her the house keys and then heading out to the car.

“Wow, we’re in a rush today” Gabrielle says to herself now locking up.

She then gets in the car and then they head off.

“We want to get some coffee after we get out of the cleaners?” Jared asks her as they hit the highway.

“Sure. Why are we in a rush today? You know Shan and M don’t care when we pop in” Gabriele says.

“Just have to pick a few things up, no rush” Jared says.

A few minutes later they reach town.

Jared heads into the cleaners and gets his clothes while Gabrielle waits in the car.

Then they head off to the Starbucks and grab two coffees and two blueberry muffins.

Then they head off to a part of town Gabrielle’s only be in once time.

“Jare, where are we going?” Gabrielle asks him.

This is very strange.

Jared doesn’t answer, but he then pulls into a parking lot a few second later.

“A gun shop?! What the hell are you doing at a gun shop?!” Gabrielle nearly screeches at Jared.

“Well, you wanted to feel safe” Jared says now heading into the shop.

“Whoa whoa whoa, this isn’t you. You’re a damn vegan for god’s sake. Your all about the environment and peace and all that jazz” Gabrielle says now walking in front of him and then stopping him for a moment.

“Yeah, but what does waiting to save the environment and eating veggies have to do with buying a gun?” he says now walking in.

“Do you know what you even want?” she asks him walking in behind him.

“Yeah. I per-ordered so I’m already done and just picking it up” Jared says now walking up to the counter.

“Do you even have a license?” Gabrielle asks.

Jared then takes out his wallet and shows her the card for a second.

“Jesus Christ” Gabrielle mutters in disbelief.

The guy then walks over and to the counter and asks them what they want.

Jared shows him his order papers, and then five minutes later they walk out with a pistol and some bullets in a paper bag.

“This shit is just nuts” Gabrielle says still in shock as Jared puts the bag in the trunk.

“Ok? Now, if you see him again, and I mean you HAVE TO REALLY SEE HIM, THE ACTUAL PERSON, you can just blow his head off and just be done with this, got it? Now stop acting nuts and move on, or the next stop we go to will the a psychiatrist, cause you can’t leave like this and I’m still worried about you” Jared says as he pulls off and back into the highway now heading for Emily’s and Shannon’s.

Gabrielle just shakes her head at the whole thing.

“Well, if he does come around, I’ll just show him that and we’ll never see him again” Gabrielle says a bit jokingly.

“That’s the whole idea” Jared says now pulling off the highway and onto the street to that leads to the apartment.

“Wait till I tell M, maybe she’ll think this is nuts” Gabrielle thins to herself as she and Jared now head up to the apartment.