Mark Watches ‘Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets’

GUYS IT IS TIME FOR THE VERY BEST KIND OF PARTY IMAGINABLE. Grab your copies of the second Harry Potter movie (The Chamber of Secrets) and get ready to press play with thousands of other people. We are going to celebrate the world of Colin Creevey, Dobby, and those racist Malfoys. We’ve also got a comment record to surpass? CAN WE DO IT? There’s only one way to find out!

If this is your first liveblog here on Buzznet, it’s ok. I’m here. I’ll hold your hand. Not in THAT way, but still.

Visit our first Harry Potter liveblog. (Good luck trying to read all those comments!) Here are the instructions for our next COMMENT PARTY:

1) The Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets liveblog will begin at precisely 12:00PM PST on Wednesday, June 30th. Please consult a world clock if you live elsewhere and compare your time to Los Angeles to figure out when this will be! The movie is just over two and a half hours long.

2) You can save this blog URL. Our liveblog insanity will happen in the comments below.

3) If the comments are temporarily delayed, don’t worry. They are still in the system and will appear, but these events normally break the site which is AMAZINGLY WONDERFUL. So just keep commenting away and do not be discouraged!

4) Once the movie starts, go nuts. Leave photos, gifs, videos, whatever you want in the comments. Have fun, of course!

See you guys tomorrow!


If the comments break, try going here: