Katy Perry and Russell Brand to Marry In Latex

While Katy Perry may have donned a wedding gown in the video for ‘Hot and Cold,’ reports are rolling in that she and fiance, comedian Russell Brand, will be wearing something very different for their actual exchange of vows.


Supposedly, the two will wed this autumn dressed in latex suits designed by Atsuko Kudo. You’ve already probably seen some of Kudo’s work already, she designed the red latex nun’s habit that Lady Gaga wears in her video for ‘Alejandro.’

Of course, these reports are coming from “a friend” and “sources” so they might be total BS. Or it could be something that either Katy or Russell joked about to someone and it somehow leaked to the press as truth. After all, just last month Katy was talking about wanting a wedding party completely outfitted in Chanel, though she also considered Galliano. She said “I want my dress to be ornate and detailed and cinched and beautiful.”

But at the same time? This IS Katy Perry and Russell Brand we’re talking about. I think latex wedding gear isn’t COMPLETELY out of the question.