EXCLUSIVE: Interview with Me Talk Pretty

Me Talk Pretty‘s debut album We Are Strangers draws inspiration from the struggles of making it as a band. Check out our exclusive interview with lead singer Julia Preotu in which she talks fashion, her favorite bands, and the new album.

BUZZNET: What kind of statement are you hoping to make with your debut album?

ME TALK PRETTY: You can call it rock but it has so many elements, from pop, new wave and even industrial. We are so diverse and come from so many different places and are very proud of who we are. We are young but our life experiences are strong and powerful. Some of us emigrated from another country and lost family members recently, some of us have had life changing experiences, but we all had to deal with these major events in our lives during the life of this band. We coped by writing about all of it.

BN: What band do you consider a role model for your band/for your live show?

MTP: We love so many bands and keep falling in love with new ones, so it’s going to be hard to give you just one name. Our show is very energetic and intense. We interact with the public and sing and talk to them, so we do like bands who love their public and give them a lot of attention. Bands that collectively inspired us after seeing them live are Muse, Paramore, 30 Seconds to Mars, My Chemical Romance, and Nine Inch Nails.

BN: How are you going to celebrate on your album release day?

MTP: When our single, “Wake Up!” comes out on June 8th on iTunes we will be on tour in Jacksonville, Florida. But, for our in-store release date, we”ll be throwing a big bash in NYC with all of the people that got us here.

BN: What is the most amazing outfit you’ve ever worn on stage?

MTP: I make most of my outfits and tops because i like designing clothes. Last year we were driving to Austin for SXSW. While in the van, I turned my metal mesh purse into a top. I cut and modified it and added some new stuff to it. It took me 17 hours to complete it. I was still putting finishing touches on it an hour before going on stage. I love that top!

BN: What was the band/album/song that inspired you to join a band?

MTP: It was No Doubt with “Don’t Speak”. I was really, really young but I remember that was the first time I fell in love with an artist. Later on, it was System of a Down with “Aerials”. Soon after that “Aerials” song, I was rocking in a band.