Currently Coveting: Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab Socks

The Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab (BPAL for short) is an online retailer of “fine esoteric goods, perfumes and potions.” Their perfume oils are sort of legendary, and I can attest that they have earned the reputation they have.

You know how you hear all that stuff about “Oh, perfume has NOTES and it CHANGES OVER TIME?” And how sometimes you get a perfume and that’s totally BS? Well, with BPAL it’s not.

But we’re not actually here to talk about their perfumes today (TRUST ME, I’m sure we’ll talk more about them come Halloween time). No, we’re here to talk about these:


These are actually being sold through the Black Phoenix Trading Post, which is BPAL’s site for non-perfume-y/specialty stuff. The socks are apparently a collaboration with Sock Dreams, a site I’ve declared my love for in a previous “Currently Coveting.”

Honestly, I could write an entire year’s worth of CC columns on just everything I want from both BPAL and the Trading Post. We share a dangerous and yet uncanny attraction to Neil Gaiman, after all.