CRUSH OF THE DAY: Nike’s Crayon Carved Footballers

Guess what? I don’t care about soccer. At all. Michael Ian Black recently said the only way to make Americans care about soccer is to add face punching, and I kind of agree. Or maybe someone could score more than once every THREE HOURS (just saying).

But you know what Nike? I’m SO into your devious way of sneaking soccer into my brain. These crayons, hand-carved by artist Diem Chau as part of Nike’s World Cup press kits, are all sorts of AWESOME. The tiny likenesses of Ronaldo, Drogba, Cannavaro and more in metallic and stone shades are just so freaking cute (not as cute as Ronaldo, one of two soccer players I can identify in real life, mostly because I’d like to eat sorbet off his 12 pack). Check out the images below. And, uh, go USA.