Chloe Sevigny for Opening Ceremony: Garden Party Preview

(photo Refinery 29)

Opening Ceremony hosted a garden party to present the pre-Spring 2011 Chloe Sevigny for OC line, and the whole affair was an exercise in loveliness. Sevigny handpicked her models from her own awesomely talented friends, and the clothes look like a salad of leopard and polka dot and floral and amazing. The shoes alone have incited in me unplacatable levels of anxiety which will only go away when I can clutch their sweet leather to my face and whisper sweet nothings into their soles. Check out the photos, taken by photographer Rob Pruitt, below.

(Via Opening Ceremony)

The woman of the hour, Miss Chloe Sevigny

Artist Meryl Smith

Lizzie Bougatos of Gang Gang Dance
Lesley Arfin and friend
Musician Lissy Trullie
J.D Sampson of Le Tigre
Jen Brill
Erin Krause
Beautiful children