BUZZ GUIDE: Rainbow Glitter Vampires, First Kisses, and Summer TV

I don’t leave the house all that much so everything I know about anything comes from the internets. Before there was internets, everything I knew about anything came from MAD Magazine, which might explain why I turned out the way I did. But that’s neither here nor there. Below you will find what I, your intrepid internet explorer (or foxy firefox, whichever is your preference) hunted and gathered for you this week to feed into your face like so many tart delicious grapes.


I like Goldfrapp when I’m in the mood for light disco electro-pop to break-up my angsty feedback indie rock and throbbing dark metal (which let’s be honest, is not that often) but imagine my surprise when I watched the video for “Alive” and fell in love. Hot black metal dancers with full make-up? 80s aerobics babes? Pentagram? Lazer beam hands? The girl turn into vampires suck the metal dudes blood and spit it out into glittery rainbow wonder? Holy Oatmeal and Granola.


I’ve watched Hellz Bellz grow from a coveted t-shirt brand into a full-fledged fashion line over the years, and am super proud to call designer Miss Lawn a friend. Her clothes mix elements of feminism and femininity, edgy, modern, and sexy. Her newest collection, entitled To Dye For, is no exception. My favorite looks are below:


So most people don’t watch TV during the summer because all the big time shows are on hiatus and because they have LIVES AND FRIENDS AND FUN. Well, not me! I actually wait all year for summer tv, because some of my absolute fav shows come on during the warm you-should-be-at-the-beach-not-on-the-couch-loser months. For example:


Do you like it when a plan comes togeher? Do you like to laugh? Do you love Timothy Hutton (who doesn’t really)? Then this is the show for you. It’s about a bunch of ex-cons turned good who now steal things to make things right for the disenfranchized and it RULES. Premieres on TNT June 20th.


We all know MTV has essentially given up on that elusive creature that was the music video, so this foray out of that realm isn’t unexpected. What is unexpected is that a) it’s not a reality show and b) it doesn’t suck. With Berger, MTV has taken the quintessential high school equation (nerdy guy,fat friend,goth gal pal,hot out-of-reach girl, and her mean jock boyfriend) and added a twist. Our pasty skinny protagonist is…well, well endowed, and thanks to an ill-timed pantsing in front of the whole school, everyone knows it. The show is a raunchy nod to Superbad, and while it’s no Daria, it’s also no Hills. Amen Hallellujah.

You can find out more about the show HERE and you can watch a clip below:

The Hard Times of RJ BergerMTV Shows


So technically this would fall under the category of TV since it’s a commercial but since my repeated viewings (I’m up to like 89 times) have been via the internet and because youtube has the extended version, here it is. Clearly can’t stop talking about the hip-hop hamsters of Kia Soul, they are my life now (see CRUSH OF THE DAY). Hamsterdam Ave. Moochi and the Woodchips are playing the Orpheum and it’s SOLD OUT. I can’t even deal. You can watch the video below:


Ok so techincally this is a zine, but Elizabeth Spiridakis and Marissa Meltzer‘s “First Ziss” is a funny, awesome walk down memory line. The ladies compiled tales of first kisses that range from hilarious to artistic to downright weird (let’s just say there’s a lot of Jewish summer camp action), all submitted by their talented friends, including Tavi, Lesley Arfin, Reza Nader, our very own Buzznet Editrix Aviva Yael, and, ahem, myself. You can buy it HERE.