Adam Lambert: I don’t copy Bill Kaulitz

On twitter, today or yesterday, i don’t remember, Lambert had an argue with a Tokio Hotel fan that said to copy Bill Kaulitz.

Adam continued searching to explain every confusion about this story, saying that he has this chic/glamour style for a long time, from more time than Bill.

“I had this hair cut when Bill had his “lion’s mane” all this talk about that i copy Bill is so stupid”

“I use make up and the polish nails since Bill was 12 years old, i think… i don’t copy him… sometimes happen that people has a similar style”


My opinion: i saw an audition of Lamber for American Idol and he hasn’t make up there…. Bill has always showed himself with it, and if he wasn’t without it was for his reasons and he always said that he hates himself without make up…. so Lambert, this is hide yourself behind yourself if you wanted that people doesn’t see with make up but now that you are famous, you put it!

Second fact: Bill has this look (hair, makeup and polish, over the outfits), evolve in the years, since he was 9… Bill doesn’t copy noone… the only one is Adam…

The truth burns…..