Tyra Banks Wants to Write Sci-Fi Fantasy Supermodel Books

You remember the part in Harry Potter and the Runway of Doom where Professor McGonagall pulled Hermione aside and told her she didn’t think she was showing enough dedication to the competition? And that Hermione had to show her something truly fierce to stay in the running to become Hogwarts’ Next Top Model?

No? Oh, right. Because it didn’t happen. But just in case you wished it did, Tyra Banks is writing a series of Young Adult books “that marries Top Model and Harry Potter.”

I’m not joking. The series, titled Modelland, is about a teenage girl who gets into a magical school for magical models, known as “Intoxibel las,” and “finds herself competing to be accepted as part of that world.”

Okay, so…let me sidetrack this with a little story. A few weeks ago when I was flying back from Philly I got stuck in the airport for FOUR HOURS because of a flight delay. Luckily, the Philadephia airport has a small Borders bookstore, so I figured, hey, I will grab something new to read.

I looked over the best sellers and didn’t see anything that caught my eye. So I thought, hey, I’ll look at the YA section.

Ever wanted to write the summary for your very own YA novel? Here’s a madlib for you:

(Girl’s name) always thought she was just your average teenage girl. But through a series of circumstances she discovers she is secretly a (beautiful and dangerous supernatural creature)! Now, she struggles to fit into this new world, despite her rivalry with the snobby (another girl’s name) and her dangerous crush on the mysterious (boy’s name). When she angers the evil (name containing the world “dark” or “bane”), King of the (evil supernatural creature), it will take all of her strength to survive and discover how special her powers truly are.

See that bolding? That’s the most important part. Because every single book summary I read contained some variation on the main character finding out she’s got super special secret majikal princess powers. Also, she gets the boy. She ALWAYS gets the boy. Until we get to the second book and something, generally the introduction of a bad-boy-who-does-good rival for the heroine’s affections, gets in the way of their true love.

So, yeah. I’m willing to bet in Tyra’s books, our teenage heroine discovers she’s a superpowerful Intoxibel la (seriously? This isn’t some kind of joke?) and only she can save the world. Or something to that end. And she smooches on the mysterious hot guy.

At least there’s no vampires.