OKAY so this weekend is the end of LOST but BIZARRELAND wanted to show you our favorite CLUES to the ENDING !!!

Where is that DAMN ISLAND ? We believe we know here…….

Why was Charlie only singing that one song “You are Everybody” ? We believe we know why here……..

Why were those glasses that Sawyer wore so important ? We believe we know why here……….

Here at Bizarreland we have known the ending of this show LOST for almost 6 years but who knows they could have found out that we know and changed the ending !!!!!! But if they have they made the biggest mistake because our ending beats out any other they could have come up with …….

So after 6 years and hundreds of clues we’ve come up with Sunday night will tell us if we guessed right. And the twins Tiny Mr.Potato Head and his brother Peter wanted you to know they love to read their BOOKS before Bedtime that’s why they are such smart Potatoes…….So different than the “OTHERS”