Get the Look: Ke$ha’s Wango Tango Styles

Oh, Ke$ha. So fashion forward at all times! So when she showed up at KIIS FM’s Wango Tango, you had to figure she’d blow us all away. And boy, did she ever!

Wanna score her looks? Well, let’s start with the red carpet:

The black denim miniskirt can probably either be found in the attic of anyone who lived during the 80’s or alternately you can purchase an actual black denim miniskirt and make it even more mini. To achieve the weathered edges, make sure you wash the skirt repeatedly before wear. But be sure to wash the skirt inside out and use detergent specifically for dark colors.

For the teeshirt, don’t bother buying one already sparkled. In the DIY spirit you can buy a regular distressed looking tee and then sandblast it with silver glitter, available at any craft store. Sandblaster sold separately.

The jacket is obviously made from skinned Muppets. Stuff like this is available in specialty stores, but it’s far more fun to hunt, trap and skin your own, as I’m sure Ke$ha did herself. Just be sure you have the proper Muppet hunting license and double check that they’re in season!

Oh, yes, and that marvelous accessory she’s got with her.

Ke$ha, I totally applaud you for this. Because I have seriously been waiting for someone in the music community to herald the return of Al Snow Chic.

Mannequin heads can be found at many retail supply stores. But the most important part, as both Ke$ha and Al have shown us, is you have to customize your mannequin head! Make sure you do something to set your mannequin head apart from all the rest, whether it be via intriguing make-up choices or “HELP ME” written backwards on it’s forehead. Be sure to coordinate your look with your mannequin head’s, not the other way around!

Now on to the actual performance wear!

Ke$ha woke up feeling like Evel Knievel and she’s not afraid to show it! And you shouldn’t be either! Whether you’re entertaining ridiculous concert crowds or jumping over something ridiculous on a motorcycle, nothing says “I am hot shit!” like an outfit made out of an American flag!

Now, you don’t REALLY have to use an American flag, after all I’m pretty sure that’s illegal. But hey, what the government doesn’t know can’t hurt you! *wink*

She’s also cleverly accessorized here with what appears to be a streamer curtain, just PERFECT for prom season! Get your own in assorted colors right here!

As for the black stuff on her legs…I’m gonna level with you. I have no idea what that is, where you can get it or why you’d want it on your body.

So there you go, Buzznet! Get the gear, get the look and get yourself a bottle of Jack Daniels, you’re officially Ke$ha-fied!