heartache to heartache, we stand.

familiar faces in unfamiliar places. that is the story of my life. people from my past will always play a roll in my future. they always seem to come back in one way or another. it’s crazy to think about how many people you actually meet in your life time.. how many people actually make an impact.. inspire you.. influence you.. some people are forgotten.. others will be there till the end.. if not them, a memory.. my mind is always going.. i have to think about everything, constantly.. i obsess.. i analyze.. i wonder.. over thinking is probably one of my biggest downfalls..

you must always live in the present.. not yesterday.. not tomorrow.. right now.. live for today.. for this hour.. this minute.. today i am taking it easy.. thinking about going to see the new nightmare on elm street.. grab some sushi.. and then i have a few parties to go to tonight.. swap meet tomorrow.. i am in desperate need of a coffee table.. i just can’t seem to find one that fits with the look i am going for.. fingers crossed.. monday it is back to work.. i have a busy week ahead full of meetings & production.. in the end.. its all worth it.. you have the push yourself to make the most out of every situation.. i feel like escaping to malibu & falling asleep on the beach.. i just want to lay in the sun.. relax.. take it all in..

my little brother roscoe is too cute..

are you an over thinker like myself?