Daily Music Dose – Unicorn Kingdom Club & Basement

Today’s Daily Music Dose is basically this: akjdldfad;jlkjdfa;jklfdjklajlkafj;da KEYBOARD SMASH

Nuglah is some dude on youtube that makes videos for your viewing pleasures about the most ridiculous things EVER. The first video I ever saw from this guy was entitled “Unicorn Kingdom Club.” If you didn’t guess what it was about by the title alone, you are probably riding the tiny yellow bus to school.

His videos are like little dance parties in your pants. Take a look at “Unicorn Kingdom Club”

Amazing, right? It’s like someone took a shirt your grandma used to wear tucked into her sweat pants, set it to music, and made it like, a thousand times more awesome.

Next up, we have, BASEMENT –

I wish this song was around when I busted the hinges off the closet that I exploded out of when I came out. This would have been the perfect song to accompany the TEARS and SADNESS that happened when I told my family I had the gay.

The next song is entitled “UNDERCOVER PENIS LOVER.” It’s basically what I have found to be true of most jock like guys. Please enjoy the following the following joke – “What’s the difference between a straight guy and a gay guy? A SIX PACK of Natty Lites.” This song basically says that in a more fun, round about way. Go ahead, press play –

That is all for today. I think I have truly OUTGAY-ed myself.