Daily Music Dose – Karpe Diem

Today’s Daily Music Dose comes from across the sea, to me, at least. They are the Norweigian rap group Karpe Diem. Since I don’t know the tongue of the Nor-people, I had to ask my favourite Norweigian person EVER OF ALL TIME, Kasper, about these blokes. Mostly they come from Oslo and the do a rap about how racism sucks and then sometimes they do a raps about shenanigans they engage in. Check out their FRESH PRINCE inspired video here:

Karpe Diem – Vestkantsvartinga

This video features Pumba (not of the Timon pair, sadly). This dude is South American and stuff but he raps in Norweigian so that kicks ass that he knows another language.

Here is another video:

Karpe Diem – Stjerner

“Stjerner” means “stars.” Here is what Kasper said this song is about –

and it is basically about how they had been a band for a really long time and then they got successful and they were all OMG THIS IS MOSTLY AWESOMEBEST!

like the first verse is magdi, and he is being all humble and liek, awed by it all and how awesome it is and then chirag’s verse is him basically going GODDAMN I MOSTLY RULE!

Dude with hair = Chirag…. Dude sans hair = Magdi

Here they are with Pumba