course the wind be sailin, it ain’t 3 pm yet!

i’m going to copy the junk out of samruhh and post a journal for the first time in forever, too.

i’m still using the old buzznet layout because i don’t understand the new one at all. i don’t like when websites changeeee 🙁

basically, i’ve been busy…. why are you so surprised?!? yes, it is true, i haven’t been spending every single waking hour on the internet.

i’ve been hanging out with leah, hanging out with hannah, hanging out with erika, writing songs, reading, writing poems, planning my trip to nashville, having yardsales, getting sunburnt, etc.

right now i’m talking to sammy and she is inspiring me to make some sort of awesome shirt.

i’m just copying everyone today.

short journal = lame journal. unless you’re samruhh, of course.

i’m going to go lay out or something =D have a nice day, EVERYONE.

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