Calling All Cat Lovers – Hug Your Cat Day Is This Friday, the 28th!!

Dear Everyone

This Friday is Hug Your Cat Day. That means that I need pictures of you hugging your meow friends. I need them so that I can post them all over the internet and possibly take over the photos page with CATS EVERYWHERE IN THIS B***H!!! Please do your most best to upload some cat photos to your profile and then sending me the link where I can find this HUG FEST. I am also saving pictures via TWITTER, so if you want, you can @reply me with all of your cat hugging shenanigans.

If you don’t have a cat, it is your patriotic duty to draw a picture of a cat and give it a squeeze. You can also find someone that has a cat and then steal a hug from said feline. Let’s make this Friday SPESHUL and take over the featured photos page with CATS. WE CAN DO IT IF WE PUT OUR BACKS INTO IT.

That is all.

<3, r

p.s.- The photo in this blerb is from Annier, master of animal photos.