BUZZNET EXCLUSIVE: Deftones cover Drive Like Jehu’s ‘Caress’

It’s been ten years since The Deftones rode into our collective consciousness on the back of their critically acclaimed album White Pony. This mighty steed of a record eventually went platinum, earned the band a Grammy, and received praise from critics the world over. What better way to commemorate the release of the album that catapulted them to a whole new level of stardom than with the release of their new album Diamond Eyes?

If you have yet to see what the band has been up to as of late, you are in for a treat. In 2009, they scrapped their album Eros to better encompass where they were in their personal lives as well as where they were as musicians. The band then began work on their current album Diamond Eyes, which is scheduled for release on 4 May, 2010.

The first single off the new album Rocket Skates already has a video (click here to watch) which does not include any rockets nor skates. The title track off the album Diamond Eyes also has a video which we swear stars the owl from Labyrinth and an abundance of glitter. You can watch that by going here.

Check out this track from the new album, it’s a bonus track from the deluxe iTunes edition. If it sounds familiar, it’s because it’s a cover of the Drive Like Jehu song “Caress.” The band pays homage to one of their influences by treating the song like a precious Faberge egg that they smash into a million pieces and set on fire in a classic Deftones style. Check out the song here first and let us know what you think.

Caress by Deftones

Deftones May 4th release, Diamond Eyes, is now available as a Deluxe Edition. Get the new album here.