Boozle: Tampa and Driiiiiive Day

I like you, Florida. You Floridians. Even the security at the venue was downright jolly.

HOWEVER, the bands didn’t play inside the amphitheatre like planned… so it was kinda wack that there were price level differences.

It was a good day for visitors in our tent–Alex, Caleb, Jeff and some of the dudes from The Downtown Fiction had a photosesh with us.

The highlight of the day was being side stage for All Time Low–right next to and Sierra from VersaEmerge and Juliet Simms from Automatic Loveletter. Travis from We The Kings came out and sang at the end.

I hung out with my girl Trendysecret and her mom… they took me to this restaurant called Perkins and I experienced THE BEST PANCAKES IN THE HISTORY OF MANKIND. Light, slightly crispy… just… perfect.

Yesterday was a drive day… 17 hours and one stop at Cracker Barrel in Louisiana. Wasn’t so much a fan of that establishment… but I did make a SWEET PURCHASE:

This is going to be such a great prop for our booth… if I feel like sharing, that is.

When we finally got into Houston we went out for bus family dinner at Benihana. That’s really all I can say about that aside from SHENANIGANS.

I wanna get some videos today! Later doodz.