Boobpocalypse 2010: Hayley Williams

So, if you haven’t heard yet, last night Hayley Williams of Paramore had a topless picture of herself posted to her Twitpic.

And what happened?

You guessed it: DRAMASPLOSION.

The picture came down about five minutes later and Hayley twittered that she’d been hacked, explaining the photo’s brief appearance online. However, people had already saved copies and the shots soon began circulating on online gossip sites (I won’t be reposting them here, so if you wanna see them, get thee to Google). And of course, there’s been a lot of say because, hey, this happened online and Hayley has about 665,000 followers.

So far I’ve been seeing a lot of OMG, WHY HAYLEY!?!? And I just have one thing to say to everyone:

Calm down. They are just boobs.

Maybe I’m looking at this differently because I’m not a huge Paramore fan. Maybe my age is mellowing me out about this. But…I mean, folks? They’re just boobs. Girls, trust me, take your top and your bra off, go stand in front of a mirror. See those? They’re boobs. Hayley has a pair just like them. Now you’ve seen them on the internet. Gasp in shock and amazement.

I do think that anyone who runs in the same circles as Pete Wentz should have realized that having nudes on your phone is probably a bad idea. And it’s not like there haven’t been other leaks like this in the past. Even if Hayley was careful with her phone there was always the chance of getting hacked, leaving her phone out somewhere for just a second too long or, heaven forbid, losing it. I’m not saying she didn’t screw up here. A lot of other people, celebrity and non-celebrity, have gotten into deep trouble because of “sexting.”

But at the same time, the photo isn’t exactly lewd. It’s not even really that SEXY, no offense, Hayley. It’s just Hayley, her boobs and a very bored expression on her face. She’s not even touching/groping/feeling herself. The only thing implicitly sexual about the whole thing is that you can see her nipples. And in the grand scheme of things? That’s not that sexy. A lot of things have nipples, guys.

So, Hayley and EVERYONE ELSE IN THE WORLD needs to learn to be more careful about keeping nude/sexual photos on their phone. And Hayley’s fans need to chill. Finding out your favorite singer and/or role model has nipples should not make her less of a singer OR role model.

And honestly? If the internet wants to work itself into a tizzy over breasts? I can suggest far, far better ways to do so.