Nylon Covergirl Photobooth

Last night was the Nylon magazine party. I stopped by with some friends and they had the infamous Cover Girl photobooth. Free photobooths will be the death of me. I can not pass them up. I have a huge shoe box full to the brim of party photos… Im not sure what I will ever do with them. I want to write a Diary meets scrapbook meets journal one day. I am sure they will come in handy then. I saw Mischa Barton stumbling around in a gold dress and Lindsey Lohan changed her outfit half way through the party? Im confused by all of this yet it seems so normal. I finished off the evening with a midnight run for sweet potatoe fries and a 60s movie marathon.

I can’t wait until the new polaroid film comes out in November. Im already on the search for an old vintage polaroid camera I can give a makeover.