Buzz Guide: Anarbor and Fiction Inspired by The Smiths

How does one navigate the vast sea known as the WWW? Sometimes we just get LOST–in fuckyeah Tumblrs, in, in trolling fbr_t for macros. Let me provide you some guidance. These are a few of our favorite things… (this week)…


Some bands exist in the periphery until you’re standing in front of them, transfixed–and that we are, young padawans.

Anarbor’s Words You Don’t Swallow is the kind of music that would–if you heard it off in the distance–lure you. Does Slade Echeverria know he’s the pied piper of Rock n’ Roll? It has energy without losing melody, danceability without nauseating auto-tuned synth, and the songs each hold their own without losing cohesiveness as an entire piece of work. It’s the musical equivalent of a raised eyebrow–a little mischief, a little punch, a smooth talker you’re willing to submit to for at least three minutes. And then another three. And another. And before you know it, you’ve effortlessly absorbed every chorus and it’s part of your DNA. Succumb to the stream on MTV’s The Leak, and pick up a copy you can hold close on Tuesday the 20th.


The Other Guys

I rarely watch movies, but that doesn’t stop me from recommending them! It wouldn’t seem like the world needs another goofy cop caper (have we learned NOTHING from Paul Blart, Mall Cop?) but Will Ferrel is a fail-safe when it comes to comedy and paired with Mark Wahlberg, who we find hilarious even in his serious roles (See: The Happening), I have faith that the male figures in your life will be quoting this at least until the next Judd Apatow movie trumps it.

Catch the trailer over here. The Other Guys comes out at the tail end of Summer 2010.


I’m not a huge fan of stuffed animals–I have one sole survivor from my childhood, who hangs out with my talking Doug–but how eee-inspiring is this squishable turtle? Neeeeed! The full range of cuddle-worthy characters are here.

In something completely unrelated, I happen to like projects that involve paint and recyclables. Look!


I stay away from fan fiction merely because I know it’s something you can get sucked into–like daytime soaps or mindless internet games–and emerge feeling dirty and disoriented and like someone tazed your brain. But music inspires a lot of art, and as long as the editor of Please promises Moz isn’t going to get freaky-leeky with Bono or marry a fan on her 18th birthday, well then, I’m open-minded. I have faith that Morrissey fans can express themselves with some literary tongue-twisting and an emotive level that at least ranks above Bella Swan. Then you can get back to scribbling out your future contribution for I Write Sins: Fiction Inspired by Panic at the Disco–but by God, omit Ryden Dirty. That’s so 2007.


Chris RWK

Street art is ever-present, thanks in part to the faceless fame of Banksy. There’s something messy and spontaneous, and this case, freaking adorable, that appeals to us. There’s a lot to take in over at Robots Will Kill, but we took a liking to Chris right away. (And yes, Gawker saw him first)


Dave Strauchman of Every Avenue

Oh hey, Dave Stauchman. Your face in the May issue of Alternative Press is real nice. It’s kind of like you’re looking into my soul. I’m cool with that. Can we be friends?

Photo by Sara F. on Flickr

Happy to attach appropriate photo credit to these beautiful photos if you took them!

That’s all, pals.