Buzz Guide: Alex Pettyfer, An Awesome Book and Operator Please

How does one navigate the vast sea known as the WWW? Sometimes we just get LOST–in Maru videos on YouTube, in Bejeweled Blitz, in lurking ONTD for macros. Let us provide you some guidance. These are a few of our favorite things… (this week)…


Operator Please

In a successful tale of music match-making, one of the 84 music newsletters we subscribe to ( MOG? Pandora?) was all “HEY. You like Be Your Own Pet and The Grates–you might like Operator Please.” And we do! This Australian pop band have their second album, Gloves, up for pre-order right this very second. They’re pretty much cute as buttons and would fit right in on a tour with Hey Monday, Cobra Starship and Dragonette. HINT HINT. Someone bring them to the U.S. for us! (Tweet ’em here)


Confessions of a Super Hero

As Hollywood locals, we hardly look twice when a storm trooper is in line behind us at Peet’s or Spongebob is taking the metro–but if you’ve ever wondered what makes a man walk a mile in a hulk suit or what motivates a Superman super fan, then you have to watch Confessions of a Superhero. The 2007 documentary directed by Matthew Ogens looks into the lives of four superheroes that spend their days performing outside of Mann’s Chinese Theatre, with hopes of someday scoring the role that’ll allow them to get more than one red boot in the door of the entertainment industry.

I think you photographers will be really into the still shots they use during story transitions. Heartbreaking, but engaging nonetheless. Find it on Netflix instant play.



I feel like this is the internet equivalent of The Mall and it’s a little preppy of me to promote this but after physically scouring stores and the usual suspects (UO, Modcloth, Plasticland) for the perfect necklace for my BFF’s birthday, shopstyle ruled my world. It’s a conglomerate of a bunch of retail sites, and it returns pages and pages of visual results. So input “bow necklace” or “skulls” or “blue shirt” and BAM! options.


An Awesome Book by Dallas Clayton

This guy is undoubtedly the new Dr. Seuss, and this book is the new Oh, The Places You’ll Go! It’s about dreams and generosity and magic and basically, you have to buy one for every person you hold near and dear to your heart.

The author toured the country multiple times reading his book at primary, middle and high schools and has a foundation called A VERY AWESOME WORLD that promotes literacy. Go dig into his delightful website and learn more about the cause.

Awesome World Foundation: Update with Dallas Clayton from Dallas Clayton on Vimeo.


Alex Pettyfer

After Brit posted the trailer for Beastly I was like WHO IS THAT BEAUTIFUL BEING? That beautiful being is 20-year old is Alex Pettyfer, a fresh face on the acting scene who spent some years modeling for GAP and Ralph Lauren. Mmm. Enough talking:

You’re welcome.

Until next time, my buzz bugs…