“American Idiot” Broadway Cast Recording Streaming NOW

If you haven’t heard yet, Green Day’s 2004 concept album about a post 9/11 America has inspired a stage musical, which is set to premier on Broadway. Like, NOW. Well, okay, technically it opens on April 20th, but that’s practically now.

The musical mixes songs from American Idiot and 21st Century Breakdown, both of which won Grammy Awards for Best Rock Album. The musical’s plot centers around three friends from a small town that encounter their own personal demons in a media obsessed, war ridden, jaded world where drugs, sex and violence are never that far away. It’s set in the present, by the way.

Not sure how you feel about Green Day’s music being performed by a cast of young Broadway stars? Well, you can go to MTV.com and listen to the entire Original Broadway Cast recording to see how you feel. You can listen to all 22 tracks for free.

Thoughts? Feelings? Anyone planning on going to see this after it opens? Anyone seen the repertory version? SHARE!