$2,000 Worth of Twilight-Related Tacky

For those of you who don’t already know, I was engaged for awhile. Part of what should have tipped me off that this was A Very Bad Idea was the ring my finace gave me. Terrible setting. Yellow gold. Not even close to matching my personality.

But my fiance wasn’t Edward Cullen (even if he did act kind of exactly like him…not as flattering as it sounds, trust me). And now, yours doesn’t have to be either, he can just give you a replica of Bella’s engagement ring.


So, you can get a cheap costume version of this for all your Bella Swan cosplay needs for about $35. But if you want the real deal, if you demand your future husband pop the question with the same ring Edward does, it’ll cost about $2,000.

Okay, so…someone on Jezebel pointed this out, and I kind of have to agree. According to Forbes Magazine, Carlisle Cullen is worth $34 billion. And Edward only shells out $2,000 for the love of his life? On a ring that basically looks like a miniature disco ball? Dammit, Edward Cullen, you are a cheap ass sparkling vampire, aren’t you?