Willkommen to Ronnie’s Tea Party

With the whole Alice im Wunderland hype going on, I decided to invite you all to my ideal tea party.

Theme & Colors:

Fairies and Roses; Pink, Purple, Green, Blue, Yellow

It would be a terrible mixture of elegance and adorableness. I can never decide between the two, so we’re going to mix them and have a strange looking party.

It would have to be outside. To me, outside in the springtime is the perfect Wonderland.

(Minus the burning tree, right?)

Food and Tea:

Cupcakes have become very popular. They would have to be included. And let’s not forget chocolate; it makes everything better.

Acai berry is to die for. But don’t die, please.

Rose petal tea. It’s kind of wonderful, you know, if you like to drink crushed roses.


Everyone is invited. But these few people are special.





Kaulitz Twins






Music and Entertainment:

Emilie Simon’s songs, Dreamland and To The Dancers in the Rain. She knows, oh, she knows.

Dance of the Wild Fairies. I’m obsessed with this song.

And it wouldn’t be a correct tea party if Kerli didn’t perform her song from the Almost Alice soundtrack, Tea Party. LIEBE.

So what do you say?

Will you come to Ron’s Tea Party?