Prom Dress Makeover

I have been getting a few emails about Prom! I personally never had a prom, I left high school early. I did attend one with someone else, they ended making out with another girl. That is pathetically funny. On another note Im going to share some ideas for coming up with a cool, original perfect prom outfit!

Dresses By: Heatherette and my dear friends Jeantrix

If I was going to a prom this is what I would do! I know not everyone is super crafty, BUT my advice would be to get an old prom dress at a vintage store, or purchase a boring cheap dress at the mall! Cut the sleves, the neck the length… whatever your feeling. Personally I would put a tutu or petticoat under the dress for extra voulme. Go to your local craft store buy pompoms, jewls, glitter, spray paint, fake flowers, feathers, stencils… depending on whatever look your going for. Then the fun part is just go wild! Lay some newspaper down outside and create your master peice. Now you need to layer it up with some killer boots, heels or sneakers and layer on some fun jewlery and tights! No one at prom will have anything like your dress, you will be totally original and stand out, plus you made it yourself!

Does anyone have any prom horror stories?