OK Go Video Release Party @ LACMA

On Friday in Los Angeles, those sophisticated chaps known as OK Go held a video release party on the roof of the LACMA in Los Angeles.

The video, as you SHOULD have seen by now (I also gave you another opportunity, above), was a creative 5-month process amongst the band and SynLabs. A week before the video debuted, we got invited to take a Damian-guided tour behind the scenes. Read about that here.

And last night was the time for celebration, as all the engineers were in attendance, spiffed up in tuxedos. We spent the first part of the evening oogling all the parts of the machine on display, and taking pictures with them.

OK Go (minus Dan, the drummer) performed a short acoustic set, beginning with the track made famous by their treadmill conquering choreography, “Here It Goes Again.” Next was “Shooting The Moon,” the song they contributed to the New Moon soundtrack. (We got to do a short interview about that here). After the heart-melting lullaby “Last Leaf” (video) they covered “Wave of Mutilation” by The Pixies, followed by “Back from Kathmandu” and ending with audience participation on “This Too Shall Pass.”

The audience had a bit of an upset after hearing the special set was only 6 songs, to which Damian responded, “There is more cool shit coming, I don’t want to hear anymore of that from you guys!” The cool shit that followed? A big projection of the video, a 30-minutes Q&A session with Damian and the president of SynLabs. This part was mildly sucky because having been behind the scenes and obsessively watching the online Q&A, I’d say about 75% of the queries were repeats. Also? The non-fans (were they museum-goers? I don’t know) were NOISY during this part, which I thought was kind of rude.

The rest of the night was DJ’d by Tim Nordwind, so there was dancing to sweet tunes, some nibbling on foodz, some drinking. Before we left the museum we wandered through the LACMA lights. Special thanks to Arielle, who planned the whole evening and was kind enough to let us attend! Plus, she had the most killer outfit on.

Check out all the photos from the night here.

OK Go US tour dates are posted here–go see them!