NOT everyday life #8

happy birthday to my beautiful, talented, sweet, loving, caring, adorable (as in i adore her) sister.

today, the love of my life, erika dailey/longagomadam turned eighteen! oh, what an angel. i wrote her a story. i won’t share it, because it’s too personal. but i’ll tell you that i cried while writing it. she hugged me when she read it. big hug. i feel so happy.

so! how is everyone? eraface and i are going to hang out with leah and chris tomorrow, for the first time in… FOREVER. last time i remember hanging out with them was on christmas day. i am so excited! we’re going to just hang out at my grandma’s while she’s out town with my mom.. just like old times<3 and why the heck do we say “hang out”.. that doesn’t make sense.

i have so many great pictures from this. i am soooo mad crazy happy with them. haha =)

which is your favorite song on the almost alice soundtrack? no one has to even ask what mine is. the movie comes out tomorrow. i’m not going to see it for a while, cause no money has i 😛 i don’t even know the story. i only saw alice in wonderland once when i was little little little, and it completely freaked me out. so i can’t say that i’m an alice fan, YET. but i love the way everything looks in the movie.

so, when you go see it, make sure to comment me and tell me how you like it!