Forever Twenty What

I need to be honest Forver 21 has some amazing stuff. You need to look hard though to find pieces that don’t look cheap or tacky. When you do find them they are a steal for the price! My rules for wearing Forever 21 and looking like you walked off a runway are as follows..

Never wear all Forever 21 at once. Head to Toe does not work. Always mix it up with a different vintage or deisgner piece. Always give it your own flare with pins, lace or classic accessories.

Now that I have stated my rules lets all drool over cheap amazing clothing you can afford on any budget! I was just looking over the website and these are my current obsessions..

The rainbow spot dress looks like it coud be from a Jeremy Scott show, the silver oxfords could be Louboutins, neon blue leopard dress looks like a Betsey Johnson and the diamond bunny ring speaks for itself. I am going to have to order atleast one of these.. still making my decision!

Whats your thoughts on Forever 21?

P.S All the new models on the website have pink & purple hair.. HA!