everyday life #10

a photoless journal. indeed, a photoless journal it will be.

busy life. busy week. i have to write all of this down, because these past few days have been running through my mind like crazy, and i have to get it all out.

wednesday i got my hair cut, then went to youth group, then i spent the night with hannah and rebekah. ohhh, we had such a good time, just being silly and ridiculous. then on thursday the three of us went to the library, then i stayed at their house until 6 in the evening. while i was putting makeup on rebekah, i decided to put blush on their husky’s cheeks =D they still can’t get it off, by the way..

friday was the rehearsa of the wedding of jon and angelal, which i was at, though i was not in the wedding. erika was a bridesmaid (and quite lovely did she look =D), and my mommy played the piano for the wedding. so i decided that i should be at the rehearsal, plus go to the dinner afterwards. i was quite dreadfully sick with an illness called a NOSE COLD. but i attended the event anyway…

… i have no idea why i’m talking so strange. i didn’t plan on it, it just happened. i’ll try to stop =D

so yeah, friday was the rehearsal, then saturday morning was the wedding. erika and i woke up at ehmm 8 am? to go over to help hannah and rebekah (who, i might mention, are angela’s sisters) get ready. they, obviously, were bridesmaids too. erika didn’t wake up though, because she didn’t sleep. she had been awake for like….. two days. soooo, we groggily got out of the house at 9:30 am and helped the girls with hair and makeup, then went off to the church at like… 11:30 to take pictures. but of course, angela didn’t show up until 12:30 because she had a makeup appointment 20 minutes away. but yeah..

so they took pictures until something after 1, and the wedding was at 2. ohhh mmmyyy, it was so gorgeous!

here is a picture of angela that i snapped, so this won’t be a photoless journal afterall =D

after the wedding, i helped decorate jon and angela’s car.. then erika and i went to get gasoline, then went to the reception. since i was tired of being around people (it was past 4 by the time we got there), i just sat outside of the reception place. my friend brenna and i talked some, and that was nice, because she has a really quiet voice haha.

after the reception, erika and i helped clean up.. then we went home at like.. i don’t know. almost 7? and i took jasmine for a walk, but it ended up being WAY too cold, so i went back inside after 5 minutes.

sunday was church. i just remember going to church.. then going home.. then going back to the evening service.. then going grocery shopping with missa sissa erikissa.

undddd… then on MONDAY.. what happened monday.. blah blah. can’t remember.

tuesday.. can’t remember.

today.. wednesday.. erika, my mom, and i walked our dogs. so, erika had snowsha, i had jazz, and my mom had akio. it was nice. it is SO warm here! and then we went to church again. our youth group is doing an easter program for this sunday. i ended up being asked to control the lights.. you have no idea how scary this is, because our church has a buttload of lights. there are five different plates with 5 different switches on them, and the lighting is totally important for this play. it’s scary =) but i enjoy it. we had our first practice tonight, and then friday we’ll have our final one.

tomorrow (technically today, since it’s 2:54 am here) jasmine and i are going back over to hannah and rebekah’s. we’re going to walk our dogs around the city.. haha. i’m excited =D but it would be more fun if erika would come =(

friday is the final play practice, saturday is an easter dinner down at my grandma’s.. get to see leah and chris, HEEEYYYAAAYYY! and sunday is easter, and our program. it starts at 10 am, and we have to be there at 9.. soooo.. i hope i can get some sleep that night 🙂

so my mind is finally clear.. 🙂 how is everyone?

much love and many kisses.