Death By Fashion

I am eating fried banana bread right now. Growing up my mom would always take muffins and breads and fry them in butter. They are so good, she made a bunch here with Earth Balance. I think its a recipe from an old resturant she use to work at. Either way its delicious. I drove my mom to the airport today at 6am. Yesterday was so fun, we had a full day of thrifting, vintage shopping and flea markets. It ended at a Ranch with horseback riding. Today im dealing with fashion legal matters and starting to pack for my trip. In two days I will be in route to Detroit. Waffles anxiety is kicking in and my luggage is being packed! I want pink and orange old school luggage trunks so bad, keep your eyes peeled. Faded hair, neon purple nails, broken pins and baby doll dresses are taking over my wardrobe this week.

Multimillion dollar corporations are based on theft.

Unicorns or Horses?