Buzz Guide: Kate Nash, Christofer Drew and Remember Me


Kate Nash

It seems like it’s been ages since I fawned over Made of Bricks and a good lot of you scoffed about her singing in an English accent, but the sassy Londoner is back and set to release her sophomore album My Best Friend is You on April 20th. A couple weeks ago she let loose a sexy track “I Just Love You More”–three minutes of innuendo and all the girl does is repeat the same line over and over. It’s like someone heard “Pumpkin Soup” and said, “Kate, darling, tell us how you REALLY feel.” Listen to it here. Her first single, Do Wah Doo, is more her old route of cutesy confessional storytelling, with a 60’s girl group vibe. If Lily Allen has truly quit music (like she claimed here), then Kate just might be enough of a tart to fill her heels.

Watch the music video for Do Wah Doo here.

Track List:1. You’ll Never Listen2. Kiss That Girl3. Don’t You Want To Share The Guilt?4. I Just Love You More5. Do Wah Doo6. Higher Plane7. I’ve Got A Secret8. Oh Jay9. Later On10. Pickpocket11. You Were So Far Away12. I Hate Seagulls


Remember Me

Rpattz sans pale make up and feral Claire (Emilie De Ravin from Lost) get together to be cute, deal with dysfunctional father figures, and sort out life as early twenty-somethings. I back this flick because Pattinson minus Stewart seems like a recipe for refreshing cinema, particularly with the addition of a female lead who has facial expressions. And who knows, maybe fangirls will start lusting after “poetic artsy crap” as opposed to someone who looks at them like a well-garnished slab of steak.



I’ve probably gushed about this site before, but guess what? I’ve never done it in a Buzz Guide, so I’m taking my liberties now. Lots of people talk about sites they get lost in–big ol’ time sucks. With as much time as I spend on the internet, you’d think I’d personally have a few of these–but no. I have one, and it is Polyvore. It’s like paper dolls meets window shopping meets that badass outfit-maker technology Cher had in Clueless. I have an incredibly large walk-in virtual closet, and I can spend HOURS compiling looks. You can clip items from just about any site on the internet, so if you see a smashing peacoat on Fred Flare that you’d love to pair with blue tights and bubble gum pink lipstick… you can do that. In your polyvore life. If your overwhelmed by the options and don’t know how to start, may I suggest putting on your favorite song and composing a look to go with it. Go nuts!


Eat, Pray, Love

I put off reading this one for awhile because it sounded too touchy-feely, and furthermore, I don’t have a strong background in any of the titled verbs. It’s being made into a movie starring Julia Roberts and is set to hit theaters this year, and I don’t like reading books after watching the movie, so I decided to (wo)man up and crack it open. You can read the summary of this anywhere on the internet, I’m going to tell you why this non-fiction travel tale sucked me in: The story basically starts with her sobbing on her bathroom floor, confused because she doesn’t want what she THOUGHT she’d want out of life. She bares her soul in facing these obstacles (which includes a nasty divorce) and takes off to travel for a year. She’s a real person, and she’s really brave. She has insights and insecurities and doubts and she puts that all out on the page, along with her travel adventures. I recommend it, especially for those of you who value nonconformity, or anyone who needs an inspiring tale or two as a nudge toward an intimidating life change. Oh, by the way–the first section will probably make you ravenous. Apologies if you’re abstaining from carbs.


Christofer Drew

This week’s featured boy is one I’ve actually met and interviewed. Christofer Drew of Never Shout Never has officially won me over. Suffice to say, I’m not sure he’d make this list if I hadn’t had a personal interaction with him, because he is all kinds of charming in person. Not to get all new age on you, but he radiates such positive energy. If it’s an act, I fell for it. He is a ray of sunshine in a cute hat with multiple musical talents. He’s the hippie version Bryce Avary from The Rocket Summer. Go forth and bask in the love… and check out NSN’s album What Is Love while you’re at it.

That’s all for this week, my friends!