Bamboozle Left Day Two: Something Corporate, Christofer Drew, Anarbor

We had the spectacular fortune of covering day TWO of Bamboozle Left (or Bamboozle California–that terminology is going to take awhile to catch on. Deal with it). The most exciting thing about the day, of course was the return of Something Corporate.

We rolled out with Emisforily, Swingthefocus11 and Simplekindoflovely and we got to Angel Stadium about 5 minutes before the first band went on.

After we pounced Christofer Drew in the press tent, we went to check out After Midnight Project. They were decent in my book. Anarbor was hanging out at their tent so we got to chat with them a bit and then over at Frank and Derol tent (that’s Brandi Cyrus’ band, for those not entirely looped in on the goings-on of the Cyrus lineage) was BILLY RAY CYRUS. We lurked him a little bit. He’s probably used to it.

We booked it to the main stage to watch The Summer Set in the blazing heat. The Maine were all there to watch the performance, too.

Set:Punch Drunk LoveThe Boys You DoGirls Freak Me Out She’s Got The Rhythm Young (new song)You Belong With Me (T-Swift cover)Chelsea (was it at all awkward that the Chelsea in question was on stage?)

We got to move forward into the shade of the stage for Hey Monday–and Cassadee Pope’s outfit was probably not the best for 80 degree weather but it was SO killer. She was rocking shiny-type pants, a loose tank with shredded sleeves and these black and white shoes I can’t even accurately describe.

Set:Run Don’t WalkObviousJosieCandlesSlide (Goo Goo Dolls cover)HomecomingHow You Love Me Now

They kept shouting at the audience to wake up (a lot of main stage bands echoed this throughout the day) and reminded us that they’ll have an album out mid-June!

We hit up the FBR tent for an acoustic set from This Providence, but we couldn’t really hear well–the main stage was sound-checking at the time. But everyone stuck around, anyway.

We heard from reliable sources that Robert Pattinson was in attendance, but seeing as that he does not ACTUALLY sparkle in the sun, we never spotted him.

We stopped to watch this band called The Colourist and I REALLY like them. They have a girl drummer who does backup vocals. I’m always way impressed with drummers who can multitask. THERE’S ALREADY SO MUCH GOING ON. I’m going to investigate them further this week.

Anarbor won my heart that day, for sure. SWEET DEAL that I got an advance of their CD The Words You Don’t Swallow on Friday!

Set:The Brightest GreenGypsy WomanPassion for Publication-They took a picture for their FB page so fans could go tag themselves… I just did! Cool idea, no?-

You And ILove InsteadAlways Dirty, Never Clean (MY NEW FAVE SONG)Let The Games Begin

(John O earlier in the day, not yet inebriated)

We missed a little of The Maine’s set, but John O was drunk as a skunk and wearing some silly silk shirt, anyway. We walked up as they were playing “We All Roll Along” (aw, my 2008 vlog!) after which they introduced a new (but not terribly impressive) song called “Right Girl”. After that I kind of stopped paying attention.

Emily took great photos of John O’s torso, though. Get at that.

We nommed some pizza while we watched some drunk crowdsurfer get arrested and tried to distance ourselves from the Never Shout Never superfans. Y’all are a little NUTS. We wandered around the booths while he covered “Across The Universe” which was pretty dreamy. We gravitated closer to the end of the set and bounced along to his supereffingcute songs. Christofer Drew makes cute music, he really does. The only thing I don’t approve of his “school is worthless!” message. I happen to value education. And shoes. I also value shoes.

As a sidenote: Superfans who hang at the barrier for ONE band all day–you DON’T have to be an asshole to the other bands. Really. The band you ARE there for aren’t going to pat you on the back for it. In fact, they’d probably think you were rude and disrespectful. Didn’t you guys learn anything from the Get Up Kids/Fall Out Boy speech last year. I swear.

And then, the band we’d been waiting for all day… SOMETHING CORPORATE.

Their performance lived up to everything I’d been anticipating since the day they were announced as part of the festival.

Set:I Want To Save YouPunk Rock PrincessShe Paints Me BlueWatch The SkyCavanaugh ParkSpaceMe And The MoonFallAstronautI Woke Up In A CarRuthlessHurricaneKONSTANTINEIf U C Jordan

As a longtime SoCo fan, the whole set really did a number on me. Those songs were representative of some INTENSE EMO MOMENTS in my life. That, combined with the seeping gratitude of the audience and the musical poetry being made on stage was just MIND BLOWING.

They even had some special guests watching

All in all, we had a GREAT time. See ya next year, ‘Boozle!