Gabe Saporta, You Can Go Right Ahead and Fuck Yourself

Anyone who’s hung around here long enough knows that I have talked in the past about being a Cobra Starship fan. I’ve talked a lot about their music and, yes, salivated over the good looking people in the group.

But it’s funny how your opinions of someone or something can change. See, I used to appreciate that Cobra seemed to be a tongue-in-cheek commentary on scene politics, I was willing to write off their questionable stuff with “They don’t really mean it.” I mean…an entire song about locking women in the basement and filming them cry? Seemed to originally be a slap in the face of scene bands and their utterly misogynist take on life.

However, as Gabe has become more accessible via Twitter and blogging, I’ve found my opinion of him, and therefor the band and the band’s music, slipping. And today was the final straw:

Jokes about Kanye: Funny.

Jokes about Tiger Woods: Funny.



Do you realize how many of your fans are young women? Do you realize how many young women world wide will experience dating abuse before they turn 18? Do you have any idea how big of a problem domestic violence IS?

The thing is, I’m pretty sure you do. But why should that matter, huh? It’s just a joke. A joke told by a guy who is very unlikely to ever be beaten by someone he’s dating. A joke told by a 20 something male who gets away with a lot of shit because this world is so pre-disposed towards the idea of “boys will be boys!”

I have supported Cobra as a fan and as a writer for years. But it’s not going to be possible for me to do that anymore if their frontman doesn’t understand why jokes about a son of a bitch who abused his girlfriend are really, really not fucking funny.

Sorry, Gabe. Fuck me if I can’t take a joke, right? Well fuck you and fuck the entire scene you’re a part of that systematically and unthinkingly repeats the message of women are inferior, women are sex objects, women need to excuse any boy who says they’re stupid, cheating whores, so long as that boy is cute and “didn’t really mean it.” FUCK IT ALL.