everyday life #2

its 4:30 here in snowy west virginia. ha, i like making the “virginia” so bright yellow that you can barely see it. i woke up at 6:30 this morning. i don’t like waking up early, especially when i have nothing to do. i went to bed at 6:30 PM last night. slept for 12 hours. still, i feel like i’ve been awake for three months or something.

its february 12th. that means valentine’s day is two days away. gnnnngggnn. i don’t like this holiday. except that era and i might go out with leah and chris this evening. i have lots of money from selling my beautiful puppies =(

the precious little baby in his tea cup. well, no, not his tea cup. now he has a great home and is with his brother, so i’m trying not to be sad.

haha, i had to wake erika up just now. i took my mp3 player upstairs and laid it beside her, playing “strange” by tokio hotel and kerli. as soon as she heard bill singing, she says “OH NO” and sits up, putting the headphones in her ears. (this is the first time she’s heard it) now i know how to wake her everyday.

so my grandma just talked to leah and she said she’s too tired to go anywhere. : but i guess me, erika and my mom will go shopping. hopefully to gabriel brothers, where most of the clothing there is literally $5, $3, or $1 right now. not to mention they have THE most amazing shoes ever there.

so… i need to go eat dinner then get ready to shop my face off. or, hopefully not =]

oh, did i mention that autumn has been totally spamming twitter lately? 😀 love it. and HER.

liebe zu dir. i need to learn better german. seriously.