Bomb Scare at 30 Seconds To Mars Event

A large group of fans were evacuated yesterday at The Hive (30stm HQ) after some attention-seeking fool with a suspicious looking wrapped box barged in.

The event was being put on to let fans watch the first 20 minutes of their documentary. Leto was giving an introduction when the man with the crazy came in. Video:

A fan account posted on AltPress said, “The guy got to Jared, dropped the box on the floor and started to give a speech. Jared grabbed him by the shoulders and basically drug him out the back door.” Leto says the man told him that there were “maybe some” explosives in the box.

Um, scary.

The updates from The Hive’s twitter:

Jared’s tweet after it had calmed down:

TMZ has a video of him explaining what went down here.

Oh, and the supposed actual contents of the box? A blender and candy.

Were you there? Are you going tonight?