My Roommate Made Me Watch: The Girl Next Door

My roommate Dino is always trying to talk me into watching movies that I dont want to watch.Sometimes they’re old, sometimes they’re new.Sometimes they suck, somtimes they’re alright.


I have decided to begin doing “My Roommate Made Me Watch:” Movie Review journals.

Last night, My Roommate made me Watch: The Girl Next Door

Starring Elisha Cuthbert and Emile Hirsch.

I have to say, thank goodness for Emile Hirsch.When I realized he was in the film I wasnt so annoyed with Dino anymore ahahaa.

It is Very Much a high school flick, so it does have its lacking moments,but I think the on screen chemistry between Cuthbert and Hirsch is quite surprising.

Johnny Knoxville adds major LOLs with his character.

Especially when Knoxville’s character slips Hirsch’s some good ‘ol Xand has him dancing to his own anthem in one of the films most hilarious scenes.

Despite the humor, some scenes were definitely far fetched… but then again thats the price you pay for Comedy.

I give ‘The Girl Next Door’ a C+