Patrick Stump Working on Solo Album

So, the title kind of sums this up, but let’s repeat it for clarity’s sake: Patrick Stump, lead singer, rhythm guitarist and musical mastermind from Fall Out Boy, producer who’s worked with the likes of Cobra Starship and Gym Class Heroes, and all around amazing dude, is working on a solo album.

So…um…wherever that genie I must have run into went? Thanks, but when do I get my other two wishes?

Okay, so Patrick’s not wild about the idea of it being called a “solo” anything. Maybe I should go with “one man album of extreme joy?”

Stump announced it on his official website, which has gotten a complete makeover. A video displays Patrick playing different instruments and ends with the message:

I’m working on an album.I’ll be writing/performing/producing everything myself.Stay tuned.

Patrick Stump

Watch the whole video here:

Patrick Stump – New Album Coming Soon from Patrick Stump on Vimeo.

On top of all this excitement, Patrick has officially caved and gotten a Twitter (Pete Wentz has confirmed it is the real Patrick Stump for us).

So, um, how awesome is this? Like, more awesome than dinosaurs? Or more awesome than really good bacon (or bacon-like product for you non-meat eating folks)?