Do Not Mess with Pete Wentz’s Family

People have said a lot in the past about Pete Wentz as a celebrity, musician and a person. But it’s pretty obvious to everyone that when it comes to being a husband and father, Pete is utterly devoted to both roles and loves them.

So it’s not a surprise that Pete would get pissed when online rumor sites go after his son.

A little background: while wife Ashlee Simpson-Wentz is performing in Chicago on Broadway, Pete’s been getting to spend a ton of time with their son, Bronx Mowgli. There’s been plenty of photos released of father and son out and about in New York City, hitting up playgrounds and parks, with mommy along when she’s not working the grueling show and rehearsal schedule. During a recent visit, Bronx began to cry when it was time to leave the park. Anyone who’s dealt with a one-year-old knows this is not entirely unheard of. Babies cry. In public, even. When people are taking pictures of them. Babies do not understand paparazzi or fame.

However, apparently, one gossip site (while it’s never directly addressed which one in Pete’s response, it’s pretty obvious who he’s talking about) took shots at Pete and Bronx because of the pictures. And it did NOT sit well with Pete at all.

He originally blogged:

i dont care what you say about me or really anyone one else. but dont talk about my kid. the love i have for him is something that will make me go against all odds. yes guess what a one year old cries when he leaves the park. but he is not as bloated or mean spirited as you a 30 yearold former closeted bully. say it again. slip up one time. it wont be on the internet. i will make you less than what you are. i will break you and you wont know its me. this is physical. mental. and spiritual. i have an on/off switch for animals that will make you beg for the chance to say youre sorry. you will not get near my son.

While the entry has been deleted, most likely for legal purposes, you can still find the text at icecreamheadaches on livejournal.

This apparently was in reaction to a post where someone who has all but fallen to his knees and begged Wentz for at least a blow job between friends posted the pics with the caption: “Did little Bronx Mowgli just realize his dad is douchey Pete Wentz?! The father-son duo were spotted taking a walk around the streets of New York. Poor baby! We’d be crying, too!”

Oh, PH, you poor, hateful, misogynist manchild. Did you finally figure out what the rest of us have known for years? PETE WENTZ IS NOT GOING TO HAVE SEX WITH YOU.

UPDATE: Pete has posted a new blog referring to the situation:

i want to apologize for snapping last night. not in the way that i feel in the wrong. but because i thats what everyone wanted. because thats what their game is: provocation. i bit back. and all that does is give them a sense of importance. that what they do actually matters, when it doesnt, and if we ignored them it would all just: poof! disappear. all i really mean is that i think kids should be off limits until they can decide whether they want to be in front of cameras. we didnt sell pictures of our son. we understand peoples interest, but honestly the kid is scared of flashes. i just want him to have a normal day every once in awhile. i understand we made a decision to be in the public eye. but cut a one year old a break.