Lily Allen ain’t Afraid of Showin Off her Curves

and thats just one reason why i adore her she doesn’t care about the status quoshe doesn’t strive to be a size 2

in between performances at ‘Big Day Out’ Down Under,(which the musicians call ‘Big Day Off’ since they get great downtime in between shows)Lily headed out to sea on a yacht with some friendsone of which being Matt Bellamy (Muse frontman)

i love the bathsuit top!

and you know what?i dont care what anyone says about Lily Allen, she has such a beautiful body(perhaps not a bikini bod but since when has Lily given a shit?)

the fact that she flaunts her curvacious body without a care in the world is amazingshe has such self-confidenceif she wasnt a boozer and chain smoker she’d make the best role model!

but seriously, look at her!i think she looks awesome with her curves and tummy!

they say the camera adds 10lbs(which is very scary if you think of Rachel Zoe or Keira Knightley!)but that doesn’t phase Lilyor Matt!

Keep Flaunting What You Got Lily!!!Because you are HOT