Hot or Not?: Project Runway Season 7 Special Edition

Its a ‘Hot or Not?’ Extravaganza!Celebrating the Kick-Off of PR Season 7

What do you think of the designs?

1. Amy’s Design


2. Anna’s Design

ehhh…. wrong model for the color.

3. Anthony’s Design

its decent… without the weird thing hangin off the front!

4. Ben’s Design

me likie!

5. Christiane’s Design

she was Aufed. enough said.

6. Emilio’s Design


7. Janeane Marie’s Design

top looks like something from walmart and the skirt is just BAD

8. Jay’s Design

kinda cute, not so much in the back… idk

9. Jesse’s Design


10. Jesus’s Design

the judges may have knocked it, but i love it!

11. Jonathan’s Design


12. Maya’s Design

love the model, love the color, dont love the wrap around neck ruffle. sometimes less is more.

13. Mila’s Design

cool pieces… just not… when theyre together

14. Pamela’s Design

no. no. no. is that a semi-cape?

15. Ping’s Design

Helena Bonham Carter would rock it, but unless its on her… no.

16. Seth’s Design


What do you guys think of the Designs?

Who should have Won and Lost?