DCMA Party Post

Saturday night at The Roxy on Sunset, Buzznet and DCMA Collective got their party on and some famous faces were there to help!

Mikey F*ckin Way, ladies and gentlemen. I admired his chiseled cheekbones from 3 booths away.

Brandon Sallers from Atreyu played a gritty acoustic set, including one of his band’s songs AND since he was accompanied by Billy Martin of Good Charlotte, they also played “The River.”

A sweet (but short!) set was played by The It Boys, who you should check out if that name is new to you.

There was a dedication to The Rev from Avenged Sevenfold, who passed just last month at the age of 28.

Tony Lovato from Mest sat at our table, and Max from Escape The Fate was hanging about. Benji Madden never showed, saying he was hard at work in the studio, making progress on Cardiology, but his little bro Josh Madden was there to represent.

More faces and photos over on DCMA’s profile, check ’em out. Thanks to photographer Darren Pearson for working hard that night.

Here are a couple interviews as well: Brandon Sallers and The It Boys grilling Tal Cooperman.

I hope all the Buzznet winners had loads of fun, see you at the next party!