colourless. toilet strikes.


i’m trying to get in the habit of blogging on here. it’s just that i never have anything to say.

so right now my hair is red.. which sucks 😛 i dyed it a few days after christmas, and STILLLL, everytime i wash my hair, the water turns red. my hair does not like to keep dye in it at all, it fades so quickly. and i’ve got major roots already. soooooo. i’m going to dye my hair dark brown (not that color at all..) and put lots of blonde highlights. i edited a picture of it and it looked really good! so i’m excited about that.

has anyone noticed how people abadoned myspace and buzznet for facebook? it really sucks, i HATE facebook. but it’s basically the only thing i use anymore because that’s where most everyone is.

i stole my friend jordan’s hat. actually i didn’t steal it.. but he accidentally left it at my house.

i think i’m going to see avatar this saturday. so, like.. tomorrow. me and erika are going, maybe angela, jon, jordan, ben, whoever else wants to go. it will be gwwweeatt. i’m so excited to see it. i’ve never seen a movie in 3D.

so how is everyone? oh, i got these awesome buttons from ebay.

aren’t they lovely? i’m going to get mooreee.

erika accidentally dropped my MP3 player in the toilet lololol. but its working again.. after lots of prayer 🙂 so i’ve been “downloading” music.. mainly kerli. AND OMG SPEAKING OF THAT!

can you believe that kerli and tokio hotel did a song for the alice in wonderland soundtrack?! i am beyond excited. it’s called “strange” and kerli also did a song by herself called “teaparty” *squeal*

i need to fix my schedule. i went to bed at 11 this MORNING and woke up at 8 in the NIGHT. now i feel all gross and tired and confused.

so it’s time to say goodbye.

<3 liebe immer.